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One Haitian woman who for some unknown reason is always taught to cook Haitian food by her mom, aunt, or grandmother. That's you are going to see. Here are five special Haitian recipes that every Haitian woman should know. They are the basics. Here is the list:



1. Rice and Beans ( Diri Kole in Haitian Creole)


 Rice and Beans are pretty much at the core of every Haitian Meal. Don’t even invite a fellow Haitian to dinner if u aren’t serving some sort of rice dish. It ain’t natural to us. This should be the first of many Haitian recipes you master.


2. Haitian Stewed Chicken ( Sos poul in Haitian Creole)



 Stewed chicken is the most common source of protein in Haiti and the U.S. You can never go wrong with chicken. Stewed chicken is easy simple and can be paired with a variety of sides. Just make sure you clean the chicken using the Haitian meat cleaning process.


 3. Boiled Plantain (Bannann Bouyi in Creole)



 Boiled plantains are pretty much the easiest Haitian recipe with the biggest return, but even I have messed this up in the past. Timing is everything with this recipe. Let it boil to long and you end up with mush. Remove it too early and you’ll end up with a very dry tasteless meal.

4. Haitian Spaghetti (Espageti in Haitian Creole)


 It sounds weird, but spaghetti is typically a breakfast food in Haiti. In the U.S. it has transitioned to a lunch meal. If you can’t get this right, stick to boiled plantains and scrambled eggs for breakfast.

5.  Black Bean Soup ( Sos Pwa Nwa in Haitian Creole)

 If you are cooking white rice, it better be with a side of black bean soup and we aren’t talking about cann beans. You better start off with dried beans and boil the hell out of those beans.


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